Sermons from August 2023

Sermons from August 2023

Fishers of Men

As we reflect on the divine mission entrusted to us by Jesus before His ascension to Heaven, we are reminded of the timeless duty that every Christian carries today – to share the Gospel with the entire world. This mission, known as the Great Commission, is God’s call to every believer to be beacons of light in a world seeking salvation. Pastor Chris Willett takes us through Matthew 9:13, where we encounter the transformative story of Matthew the Tax Collector,…

Five Minutes in Hell

Heaven and Hell both exist, as surely as day follows night. Jesus emphasized Hell more than Heaven not out of sternness, but because of His love for us. He wants to ensure everyone grasps the importance of finding their place in Heaven. Pastor Chris Willet sheds light on this truth through the true account of two vastly different men, Lazarus the beggar and the wealthy man, as told in Luke 16:19-31. Their contrasting destinies in the afterlife serve as a…

God’s Eternal Word to all Generations

God’s Word is timeless, relevant to every generation. Living by the Word applies as much today as it did in ancient Biblical times and will continue to do so tomorrow. Pastor Chris Willett draws insight from Zechariah 1:1-6, delivering a message originally meant for the Jewish people returning to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon. God’s message to that generation remains as vibrant and meaningful to us today because God’s Word is eternal. 89 Forever, O Lord, Your word is…
Book of Daniel

Some Have Titles & Some Have Testimonies

So often in life, we are either working our way through life to achieve a title; and our testimony goes by the wayside. Is it possible to aspire to a title while building a testimony for a faithful life serving God? Of course it is! The Bible shows us how.