Sermons on Salvation

Sermons on Salvation

Five Minutes in Hell

Heaven and Hell both exist, as surely as day follows night. Jesus emphasized Hell more than Heaven not out of sternness, but because of His love for us. He wants to ensure everyone grasps the importance of finding their place in Heaven. Pastor Chris Willet sheds light on this truth through the true account of two vastly different men, Lazarus the beggar and the wealthy man, as told in Luke 16:19-31. Their contrasting destinies in the afterlife serve as a…
Book of Acts

Hope for Revival

Only God brings the spirit of revival to a church. But there are certain things we must do as a church and individual in our hope for revival. Pastor Chris Willett shows us what the Bible says about hope for revival in the book of Acts: 16-34, in a remarkable account of Paul and Silas in prison. Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Psalm 85:6

The Coming Judgment I: The Invitation from God

Pastor Chris Willett kicks off a new series “The Coming Judgment.” One day, all of us will have to give an account to God on how we lived our lives. It is important to understand on what basis we will be judged. In today’s lesson from Ezekiel 33:1-20, the Bible teaches us the importance of God’s Word, the purpose of God’s Word, and the surety of God’s Word.

The Bride of Christ Part 5: The Wedding Feast

Pastor Chris concludes this series comparing a Galilean wedding to the coming of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven. Today we learn that the Groom (Jesus) has claimed his Bride (the Church) in the Rapture. And now we’re at the Wedding Feast. In the Bible, Jesus often described the kingdom of Heaven as a wedding feast. All are invited the Wedding Feast but few are chosen. Today’s scripture is Matthew 22:14.
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