Why We Need The Holy Spirit

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“Why We Need The Holy Spirit”

John 16:1-11

I. So that we won’t be offended when the world hates us. Vs. 1, Psalm 68:19, & Luke 14:27

1) They would be put out of the synagogues. Vs. 2

2) Some would be killed. Vs. 2

II. So that we will be prepared for what is coming. Vs. 3-4

III. Because Jesus in the flesh could only be in one place at one time. Vs. 5-7

IV. Because of the work the Holy Spirit does. Vs. 8

1) He reproves the world of sin. Vs. 9

2) He reproves the world of righteousness. Vs. 10

3) He reproves the world of judgment. Vs. 11

Do you need God’s Holy Spirit today?