The Trial of the Ages

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“The Trial Of The Ages”

John 18:19-24 & 28-40

I. Many are guilty of hypocrisy. Vs. 19-21

1) It was against the law to have a trial at night. John 3:19

2) It was against the law for a trial to begin and end in the same day.

3) It was against the law to strike a person before they are found guilty. Vs. 22

4) It was against the law to condemn a person without at least two witnesses to corroborate the testimony. Numbers 35:30 & Matthew 26:65-66

II. Many are guilty of lying. Vs. 31-32, Deuteronomy 21:22-23

III. Many are guilty of being religious but lost. Vs. 28 Matthew 23:24

IV. Many are guilty of knowing the truth and rejecting Him. Pilate. Vs. 38, 19:4, & 19:6

V. Many are guilty of listening to men, not God. The mob. Vs. 40

We are all guilty! Romans 3:23

The Verdict is already in. I John 1:7