The Son of God

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“The Son Of God”

John 1:15-34


I. The Son of God is eternal. Vs. 15, Vs. 2-3

II. The Son of God brought grace and truth. Vs. 16-18

1) Grace without truth would not be just.

2) Truth without grace would condemn us.

III. The Son of God’s coming was foretold. Vs. 19

1) Who are you? Vs. 20-23, & 3:30

2) Why do you baptize? Vs. 24-28

IV. The Son of God is the Lamb. Vs. 29-34

1) The Old Testament asked – Where is the Lamb? Genesis 22:7-8

2) John declared – The Lamb is here! John 1:36

3) The Gospels tell us the Lamb is slain.

4) The Revelation tells us the risen Lamb is worthy! Revelation 5:12

Do you know the Son of God?