The devil Among Us

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“The Devil Among Us”

John 13:17-38

I. The greatest threat to any congregation is usually sitting in the pew.

1) Jesus knew who belonged to Him and who didn’t. Vs. 18, Psalm 41:9

2) Jesus exposed what was about to happen to strengthen real believers. Vs. 19

3) Jesus made it clear the messenger does not change the power of the message. Vs. 20

II. Our Lord is greater than any threat. Vs. 21 & Vs. 22-25

1) Jesus exposed Judas. Vs. 26 & Vs. 28-29

2) Judas made his choice. Vs. 27 & Vs. 30

3) When the devil’s gone, the tone changes. Vs. 31-32

4) We have a job to do despite the devils in the pew. Vs. 33. Vs. 34-35 & Vs. 36-38

Sometimes the devil is among us, but Christ is greater and the devil can’t stay.