Safety In The Father’s House

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“Safety In The Father’s House”

Luke 15:11-32 (Luke 2:49)

I. In the Father’s house there is safety for sinners. Vs. 11

1) The son who sinned when he left home. Vs. 12-13

a) Prodigals are the easiest to identify as problems in the family.
b) Prodigals are still family! Hebrews 12:6-8

2) The son who sinned while at home in his father’s house. Vs. 29

a) They are outwardly faithful to the Father. Vs. 29
b)On the inside, they’re still sinners.

II. In my Father’s house there is a Father who stands waiting to love and forgive.

1) My Father loves all of His children with an unconditional love.
2) My Father is patient. Vs. 20
3) My Father meets us where we are.