Loving My Neighbor Like Jesus Does

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“Loving My Neighbor Like Jesus Does”
James 2:1-13

I. The problem with our neighbor. Vs. 1 We don’t have the faith to love our neighbor like Jesus does.

II. Our problem with our neighbor is sin before God. Vs. 8-11

1) We have judged them with evil thoughts. Vs.2-4

2) We have despised the poor. Vs. 5-7

III. God will judge us by how we treat our neighbor. Vs. 12-13 When we fail to love our neighbor like Jesus does…

1) We presume to think it is not a sin. Psalm 19:13 & Genesis 1:27

2) We presume to think it’s not important. John 13:35

3) We presume that it’s not going to matter. Vs. 13

“But for the grace of God, that’s me!”