Living Like Children Of God

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“Living Like Children Of God”

John 8:41-59

I. Children of God Believe His Word. Vs. 47

1) God’s Word says we can’t love Him and reject His Son. Vs. 42, 43-45.

2) God’s Word tells us Jesus is perfect. Vs. 46

3) God’s Word tells us Jesus is God. Vs. 25

4) God’s Word tells us Jesus is Eternal. Vs. 58

II. Children of God Keep His Word. Vs. 48-51

1) We honor God when we keep His Word. Vs. 49

2) God’s children judge by His Word. Vs. 50

III. Children of God Don’t Die.

1) The devil’s children thought Abraham and the prophets were dead. Vs. 52-53 Vs. 56

2) The devil’s children wanted Jesus and all who believed in Him dead. I Cor. 15:55-57

Whose child are you?