How Can We Recognize The Work Of The Holy Spirit?

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“How Can We Recognize The Work Of The Holy Spirit?”

John 16:12-15 (Ezekiel 13:7, I John 4:1, & John 16:12)

I. The Holy Spirit must come – salvation. Vs. 13

II. The Holy Spirit will guide us in all truth. Vs. 13 & John 14:6

III. The Holy Spirit will never contradict the Father, the Son, or the Word. Vs. 13

IV. The Holy Spirit only speaks what He hears from the Father. Vs. 13

V. The Holy Spirit shows us things to come. Vs. 13

VI. The Holy Spirit always glorifies Jesus Christ. Vs. 14a

VII. The Holy Spirit shares with us, what He receives of Jesus. Vs. 14b

Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are all one and the same – God. Vs. 15